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What’s Four Years Between Friends?

September 24, 2014

Let’s just say I’ve been busy with other things.

TBoaTYO is up at Smashwords and sales are blistering. Not, but it’s hard to promote a book with “that theme,” as Bernie’s Mom would say. Of course TBoaTYO is gen-yoo-wine work of literary art, but try (as I did) to get that across to the humorless “women” who control Amazon’s CreateSpace, for example. I actually have two printed proofs sent to me by Amazon before one of the lesbians read the book – or maybe she¬†just read the back blurb – and decided I was violating their guidelines. No shit, Sherlock – however ridiculous¬†those guidelines may be, and how randomly and subjectively enforced.

But anyway, ol’ BJ has been busy writing screenplays and suchlike, and “gathering source material” for new works, which seems to involve quite a bit of watching PS3 games and showering, so don’t expect any grand new literary works soon…. though Number Three, tentatively titled “What I Live For,” has begin in outline form and the Big Scenes have some notes.

I really promise to update more often – providing anyone visits and indicates he or she is reading!


B.J. Freedman – International Man of Letters

April 6, 2010

Dear readers, not a lot to report. This is an informational blog that, frankly, lacks information.

Just read the books, available in their latest versions at Smashwords. The second book, TBOATYO, is not quite complete, but expect it soon. It’s a riot, really – you’ll either fall out of your chair or throw it against the wall.

Enjoy. And if you’ve bought either book, feel free to comment here.

TBOATYO coming very soon – just deleting cliches and adding some stuff.. maybe a week or so.