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What’s Four Years Between Friends?

September 24, 2014

Let’s just say I’ve been busy with other things.

TBoaTYO is up at Smashwords and sales are blistering. Not, but it’s hard to promote a book with “that theme,” as Bernie’s Mom would say. Of course TBoaTYO is gen-yoo-wine work of literary art, but try (as I did) to get that across to the humorless “women” who control Amazon’s CreateSpace, for example. I actually have two printed proofs sent to me by Amazon before one of the lesbians read the book – or maybe she just read the back blurb – and decided I was violating their guidelines. No shit, Sherlock – however ridiculous those guidelines may be, and how randomly and subjectively enforced.

But anyway, ol’ BJ has been busy writing screenplays and suchlike, and “gathering source material” for new works, which seems to involve quite a bit of watching PS3 games and showering, so don’t expect any grand new literary works soon…. though Number Three, tentatively titled “What I Live For,” has begin in outline form and the Big Scenes have some notes.

I really promise to update more often – providing anyone visits and indicates he or she is reading!

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  1. Joe permalink
    February 27, 2016 12:50 am

    …quiet, isn’t it?

    I just finished reading TBoaTYO and it has put a smile on my face. “…with a smile on its face…Ray Mondburr…castrated in absentia…mutters prayers on a Friday night…” – and more!

    Will there be another one soon? I hope you are finding time in between showers to write it.

    All the best.

    • February 27, 2016 7:13 am

      Thanks for the comment. You have noted some of my favourites. I still, during morning walks around the Swiss lake with my Moroccan catamite, think of new names to add: the Palestinian BL “Bar-i-Manilov” and so on. Another reader said his all-time favourite line was “Mother Teresa must be hard all the time.” Anyway, I am at work on Book Three on Bernie, which takes him from a young age, through hippiedom, then jumps to his later years, where he is still taking showers but only once a week. The new book actually includes women, but they all turn into pit-haired vegan lesbians after having relations with Bernie.

      I am stymied, though, I can’t figure out how to find a real publisher for TBoaTYO. Like its protagonist, I am fearful that submitting it would bring on the kind of scrutiny I’d rather avoid. What a dilemma.

      • Joe permalink
        February 27, 2016 7:21 pm

        Manilov already made the list! Posing rather dubiously as a Pole, for all the good it did him. Possibly you were thinking of his close associate, Binyamin Bar-Ittan. A fiend on soprano oud, that one.

        I’m not sure about your dilemma. Is the goal $$$, or just to have the book printed in physical form? I can think of one or two quondam writers on The Theme, some even with publishers who aren’t themselves, who remain at large and unmoles…I mean, who have been left alone. Probably as a consequence of selling hardly any books, though, and none in the same league of exuberance as TBoaTYO, so you may have to blaze a trail.

        As for self-publishing, the editor of seems still to be doing his various things, and apart from some initial publicity ten years ago and attendant media skirmishes – also involving lesbians – which he wrote a book about, the sky does not appear to have fallen on his head, though his is a full-time job.

        I suppose only you know the risks and rewards. Either way, revenue is unlikely to keep young Hassan in cotton sailor suits.

        Could say more, but I expect you’ve been through it all already. Good luck out there in “Geneva”!

      • February 29, 2016 10:54 am

        Yeah, I know ol’ Barry was in there. He’s there because in the 80s I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, by car…never mind en route… there was a Time magazine in the hotel lobby that had Manilow describing his “guest house” on his estate… a fun house full of toys…and he said he lived with his Mom and wasn’t interested in getting married, etc. Also, back in the day kids outside the Odyssey (this was in one of the books, too) said he would send down a limo and a driver.

        Goal is a few $$, but also maybe a review somewhere, and some readers. The book (and Lizard, too) deserve a “wider audience.” (There is a fat joke somewhere in there.) In 1995 I sent an early version of TBoaTYO to an agent in New York, who replied with a 10-page critique, welcomed me to their author family, but didn’t take the book. They said “Who wants to read about a bunch of sex-obsessed pedophiles?” and then quoted lines that showed they had read all the way through the five or six chapters I had sent, no doubt with Kleenex at hand.

        I don’t mind blazing a trail as long as the wind doesn’t change so the trail blazes me.

        Speaking of soprano ouds, I have a side project – a screenplay for a short film about Andre Gide and Oscar Wilde. They met in Tunisia or wherever by chance, after meeting in Europe. Wilde introduces a nervous Gide to a little hash cafe where there’s this flute boy…

        Oh, yeah, destroyerjournal – I forgot about it, he’s cooking. Maybe he’ll trade me a book for an issue, or something. Fun to start a conversation with the guy, he’s got a sense of humour.* *UK Dictionary

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