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A Natural Lizard Activity

A Natural Lizard Activity Cover

Thanks to all who’ve bought the book! It’s flying off the servers at Smashwords!

Now available for download into Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader PDF and other formats at Smashwords:

The classic novel of American boylove, a coming of age story set in California.

A Natural Lizard Activity has become a favorite of readers interested in gay youth. Set in the California counterculture of the early 1980s, A Natural Lizard Activity depicts the inner and outer world of the young narrator, 13-year-old Kim, a beautiful, personable, sexually insatiable boy, who tells his tale with sharp observation and deadpan humor. After a psychedelic childhood spent wandering from Mendocino to Mexico, Kim seduces the level-headed Bernie, and soon moves in with “the short guy.”

Their easygoing relationship and deepening love is strained when Kim’s loony but lovable father trips out down his mushroom-paved “Golden Road.” Kim enlists Bernie in his search for the old man and something more.

“The narrator’s empathy, intellectual brilliance, flair for poetic imagery, and sense of humor make each page of this remarkable novel sparkle.” Robert Rockwood

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